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How much would you pay for a Ford?

Jul 3, 2012 by Kevin Leland

This 1936 Ford Cabriolet just sold at auction for $396,000

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Three warning lights you can't ignore

Jul 3, 2012 by Hudson Horneck

It seems that try as we might, there’s no stopping progress. Wi-Fi hotspots, internet shopping, and ‘cellies’ have found their way into our lives and, like it or not, they’re here to stay. It seems modern vehicle designers...

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How to screw over a car thief

Jul 3, 2012 by Mark Rumble

Seasoned city dwellers will insist having your car broken into is a rite of passage if you’re a urban newbie. And perhaps that’s true. But finding a pile of shattered glass on your car seat doesn’t have to occur as frequently as...

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